Oracul Animation HUD

AO: Animation Overrider replace official animation to custom animation.
this AO use "Oracul Animation HUD", all others are use "ZHAO" system.

all systems have some problems..
- override process is not perfect, AO cant change it smoothly.
- viewer has a delay to download each animation for the AO.
- work turning animation, when stop walking, or some scenes.
- animation has a priority and it has problem on other systems.
- hand positions are different on two shapes, Male/Female.
- all animations have a problem about different avatar height.

my AO support 3 size and some AO support more shapes on the setting menu.

Packaged AO is already setup and work automatically by your avatar operation.
please use double click for wear, first position is Attach To HUD->Bottom Right.

center globe is open expansion menu, ckeck box is turn on/off a part.
[X] Stand-1 : standing animation slot1, click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Stand-2 : standing animation slot2, click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Stand-3 : standing animation slot3, click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Sit : click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Sit.G : click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Swim : work swimming animation, when avatar flying in the Linden sea.
(--) Walk : click label->choose one or auto.
(--) Jump : click label->choose one or auto.
(--) Hover : click label->choose one or auto.

left button is open the settings menu, choose each button to change the setting.
(Reset) check free memory : 0 byte (core:0)
(Import) import data : oracul
(Extend) use extended process : Enable
(Timer) standing repeat timer : 30sec
(Label) stand-123 label mode : Choice menu
(Choice) auto choice animation : Sequence
(Typing) use typing override : Enable
(Turning) use turning animation : Enable
(Movement) movement assistance : Disable
(Water) water resistance : 2.0x
(Ground) sit on ground anywhere : Disable

(Remote) Remote AO, owner can apply AO to your friend in 96 meters range.
empty animation HUD and AX/RP series has the function.

"Enable" is turn on, "Disable" is turn off, some setting dose not have submenu. when choose "Reset", need do "Import" data for AO. "Extend" process is use bug, safety switch for the future. standing animation is change automatically, Stand-1 to 3 with "Timer". "Stand"-123 label mode, click to start next animation or open choice menu. "Typing" -> "Special" mode, official typing animation is work, even if use AO. "Movement" assist work with "Tap-Tap-Hold To Run", + double jump. sit on ground anywhere, this is temporary function for past viewer, change to "Enable" and open expansion menu, click ckeck box "[X] Sit.G". "Water" water resistance work with swimming animation.

I don't support customization, please stop the work, if you can't understand it.

Q: when I clicked HUD, why show chat "(Oracul Animation HUD): Touched."?
A: you did click button "New Script" on content folder, script say the message.
Fix->take out new HUD from package is fast, or remove "new script" from HUD.

*) first step, drop/rez HUD on the ground for editing and each editing operation has many delays on simulator.

- Remove some animation
1, right click HUD and open edit window, click tab (content).
2, show animation list, double click animation is open check window.
3, when find animation, select animation name and press delete key.
4, close edit window and right click HUD->Take to your inventory.
5, wear HUD and open setting menu, check import data->(Import) same data.

- Add new animation
1, open setting menu and check imported data, "import data : current name".
2, right click HUD and open edit window, click tab (content).
3, show contents list and open the notecard, name is "current name".
4, change or add animation name to each tag, multiple is split by comma.
5, added name and save notecard, keep open edit window.
6, open inventory, drag animation contents and drop to HUD contet folder.
7, close edit window and right click HUD->Take to your inventory.
8, wear HUD and open setting menu, check import data->(Import) same data.

- "no transfer" mean owner can't send contents to other people "avatar".
- drag arrow stop for reloading contents, whenever edit content folder.
- please write perfect same animation name to notecard, copy & paste is good.
- you can write 255 characters in one line, notecard. need count include [tag].
- notecard, animation name length is up to 25, use "," comma, "|" pipe is error.

- Add chat command "AO turn on/off"
1, open inventory, right click any folder or click button "[+] add new item".
2, ->new script, create "new script" and open the script, delete all code.
3, copy following code and paste, click Save button and "Save complete".

integer channel = 100; // you can change channel nubmer.
string turn_on = "ao on"; // you can change word, for turn on.
string turn_off = "ao off"; // you can change word, for turn off.

        integer Listen = llListen(channel,"",llGetOwner(),"");

    listen(integer ch, string name, key id, string data)
        if(ch == channel)
            if(data == turn_on) llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,7,"ON",llGetOwner());
            if(data == turn_off) llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,7,"OFF",llGetOwner());

4, drag & drop script to HUD, type chat command "/100 ao on" or "/100 ao off".
5, if use channel nubmer 0, command is "ao on", but show up it on local chat.
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