Oracul Animation HUD

AO: Animation Overrider replace internal animation to custom animation.
packaged AO is work automatically by your avatar operation.
wear HUD by double click, first position is Attach To HUD->Bottom Right.

- Add animation contents to Oracul Animation HUD.

some problems
- animation system does not support avatar height.
- hand positions are different on two shapes, Male/Female.
- animation has a priority, it has problem on other items.

Left button is open settings menu, select button to change the setting.

(Load) current data : oracul
(Reset) check free memory : 0 byte
(Remote) apply AO to other avatars
(Timer) timer next standing : 60sec
(Label) label stand-123 click : Open menu
(Choice) auto choice animation : Sequence
(Typing) use typing animation : Enable
(Finger) use finger animation : Disable
(Water) water resistance : 2.0x

Center globe is open extended menu, check box is turn on/off a part.

[X] Stand-1 : standing animation slot1, click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Stand-2 : standing animation slot2, click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Stand-3 : standing animation slot3, click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Sit : click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Sit.G : click label->choose one or auto.
[X] Swim : work swimming animation, when avatar flying in the Linden sea.
(--) Walk : click label->choose one or auto.
(--) Jump : click label->choose one or auto.
(--) Hover : click label->choose one or auto.

- Remove the animation

1, rez/drop HUD on the ground for editing.
2, right click the HUD and open edit window, click tab (content).
3, show animation list, double click is open animation window.
4, find animation, right click the animation name and Delete.
5, close edit window and right click HUD, take to your inventory.
6, wear HUD and open settings menu, "Load" and reload current data.

- Add chat command "AO turn on/off"
1, open inventory, right click any folder or click button "[+] add new item".
2, ->new script, create "new script" and open the script, delete all code.
3, copy following code and paste, click Save button and "Save complete".

integer channel = 100; // you can change channel nubmer.
string turn_on = "ao on"; // you can change word, for turn on.
string turn_off = "ao off"; // you can change word, for turn off.

        integer Listen = llListen(channel,"",llGetOwner(),"");

    listen(integer ch, string name, key id, string data)
        if(ch == channel)
            if(data == turn_on) llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,7,"ON",llGetOwner());
            if(data == turn_off) llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,7,"OFF",llGetOwner());

4, drag & drop script to HUD, type chat command "/100 ao on" or "/100 ao off".
5, if use channel nubmer 0, command is "ao on", but show up it on local chat.
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