BABE-Sitter Animation System

"BABE-Sitter" is animation system for furniture, support all objects.
animation has been already set to packaged item, not support change the set.
sit on the object, and open menu "check avatar shape", no choice is Female.
*) Linden-script can't check avatar shape/gender.
when you choose "Male", you can't select/start "Female" animation sets.

*) system is auto choose animation, when you sit down/stand up. auto search spend much time ,if fitting animation is not found in the mode which you chose.
animation menu, short click item is open this menu, when you sit on the item.
(- Back -) back to main menu, when open sub menu.

(System) open menu for system setting.
(Finger) you can choose hand poses, when current priority is less than 4.
(Swap) swap animation + positon for current avatars.
(Sync) sync animation for couple/group, mean restart animation for viewer.
(Adjust) adjust avatar position and rotation.
(Single) you can choose single avatar animation, support multi avatar.
(Couple) you can choose couple avatar animation, work with two avatar.
(Group)  you can choose group avatar animation, synchronize animation.

*) you can use finger animation with assigned package.
system setting, click item and open this menu, when you don't sit on the item.
*) owner can use this menu by first setting, Enable is turn on, Disabale is off.

(Reset) free memory : 256 byte... reset all setting, and adjusted locations.
(Active) system state : Active... this sitter system is Active or Sleep.
(Mode) system mode : Multiple... you can choose animation from this mode.
(Gender) check gender : ON & Female... open menu, when avatar sit down.
(Sync) auto sync timer : Disable... repeat timer for auto sync animation.
(Menu) open this menu : Short Click... click to next animation or open menu.
(Owner) this owner only : Enable... system setting menu is use only owner.
(Finger) finger animation : Disable... add button "Finger" to animation menu.

babe sitter, most recent version does not have explanation for other builders.

- Click to sit on the object
1, right click item and open edit window, find "Click to", and choose action.
2, if choose "Sit on Object", please open setting menu from animation menu.

- Remove some animation set
1, right click item and open edit window, select tab "Content".
2, find notecard "babe-sitter.dat" from the folder, open the notecard.
3, added animation to three tags [single], [couple], [group].
4, each animation setting use comma for split, first comma is animation-set.
5, find animation-set which you want to remove, delete the tag + line.
6, you may find same animation-set in other lines, delete all the set/line.
7, save notecard, left click item and open setting menu, choose "Reset".

- Resize object and adjust position/offset
1, open notecard "babe-sitter.dat" included in the object, Content folder.
2, find tag "[sit offset]<0,0,0>,<0,0,0>" = "[sit offset]<x,y,z>,<rx,ry,rz>".
x is adjust Forward/Back, y is Left/Right, z is Up/Down, centimeter meter.
3, rx/ry/rz is rotation, type parameter for adust, and save notecard.
4, right click editing object and open setting menu, choose button "Reset".
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