Update Information

upgrading, redelivery is free with "Remote Update",
included in the package. please check redelivery system, if lost them.

buying the same item twice is support refund, send IM to "daiz Papp".

your item is the latest version, if you purchased after "Jan 28, 2017"

- Jan 28, 2017 updated Oracul Animation HUD
apply to AX-046/47/48/48/48/49/50/51/52/53/54, and empy HUD.

- Nov 17, 2016 updated GX001/GX002/GX003/GX004
auto detect gender, first setting is auto, long click open setting menu.

- Nov 16, 2016 updated Kuso Phone V, ORACUL-Mastar AO
maintain all freebies, improved model, script, texture, package.

- Nov 10, 2016 release UNKO - Enhanced Hand
these animations are unified to Oracul Animation HUD, no immediate.

- Jul 29, 2015 refresh AX, RP-AO series, Package and Animation HUD.
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